Quality and Environmental Policy ::

Our customers will receive lubrication leading technology. Our products will be designed to meet or exceed industry specifications and OEM requirements.

Our lubricants will be compatible with their corresponding OEM and aftermarket equivalents.

Quality base stocks give a better final product and minimize additive fallout. Our lubricants will be formulated and blended with the finest base stocks and additives on top of the market. We will formulate additives concentration for maximum performance rather than maximum profit. As result, our products will exhibit these highly wanted qualities:

Excellent oxidative resistance and thermal stability for extend fluid life in extreme temperatures.
Higher viscosity index compared to competing products, resulting in decrease volatility, superior protection, and augmented flash points.
Outstanding protection against wear, rust, corrosion, carbon forming, and varnish.
Enhanced resistance against water and fuel contamination.

Each blending bath will be tested, before packed, for all involved physical and chemical parameters. Only will be packed and soled fluids that surpass corresponding specifications and technical standards.

The blending, packing and laboratory facilities for produce our lubricants must have quality and environmental certifications and will pass more rigorous national and international control procedures.

We are fully responsibilities with environmental conservation. LUBETEK will evict all kind of hazardous environmental practices, and will be a responsible neighbor in all communities where we operate. LUBETEK production and commercial facilities will meet rigorously or go over all federal, state and local normative related to health, safely and environment.